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19th-Jan-2011 11:48 pm(no subject)
 Hi please check out my LJ@[info]japanese_queen  for Asian Drama DVDS, Japanese and Taiwanese magazines, Jpop music scores, KTV and music CDS, Cute and Designer clothing and bags ! :D
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nicholas teo

Hello everyone!!

I just watched smiling pasta recently and I loved it <3

so I hope that I will get to meet a lot of people who loves it as much as I do (because I don't know a lot of people that knows of this drama in my country -but I converted my friends into watching this drama and they loved it :P) and I hope that I will get the latest scoops with regards to the drama and the actors in it :))

BTW, I am just new to the LJ world :) so I hope you can help me explore it :P
28th-Sep-2008 08:23 pm - 62 nicholas icons
Arashi》Aiba Kieru Shinjitsu
[62] Nicholas Teo
[15] Arashi


( Fake cut to journal... )

is there a comm dedicated just to nicholas teo? or chinese icons? i can't seem to find it...

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27th-Sep-2008 02:42 pm(no subject)
Some Smiling Pasta icons, all of Xiao Shi! Mainly just from two scenes, though I will be going through each episode later and grabbing more for all characters. Hopefully before the sequel is released...

x ~ Smiling Pasta (Xiao Shi) x21

å¾®ç¬FFFDPasta å¾®ç¬FFFDPasta å¾®ç¬FFFDPasta

Over here~
8th-Apr-2008 08:44 pm - for sell
FFXIII → alone
I just received my Smiling Pasta Keychain from Singapore today but I don't think I'll use it so it's up for sale.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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1st-Dec-2007 11:52 am - happy bombo's!
hello everyone!
i have managed to secure a few of those cell chains featured in "wei xiao pasta" because i wanted to share it with everyone!

please visit my shop for more --> happy bombo's!
30th-Nov-2007 08:27 pm - Series 2?
Just wondering will there be a series 2?
11th-Jun-2007 12:36 am - ICONS ICONS ICONS <33333
rainie blass

I am new to this community
and watned to say hello to everybody~
i love love love SMILING PASTA so much
i finshed it already  SOME WEEKS AGO (WELL AFTER ONE WEEK WATCHING; SO ADDICTIVE), and and still stuck in my mind...
thats why i made some WEI XIAO PASTA icons, and i thought
to share them with those who are also sharing the wei xiao pasta obsession
i made quite alot icons referring to TWdramas but the most concern
ISWAK, but also smiling pasta...so if u like, have a look~in older posts also some of cyndi~
more @ isabonita ´s LJ
PLEASE BE WELOME .....yeaahh

20th-Mar-2007 10:40 pm - I have a small request
Happy Rin
Hi! I'm Salix and I'm new to the community. I've be watching Smiling Pasta for three days now and am nearing the end. It's fantastic! But I have three questions.

The first is, while I was watching the series I fell very much in love with the singing voices of the lead actors and actresses. The problem is that I can't find anything by them other then the music from the series. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.

The second is that I was reading Wiki and saw that there is a manwah. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could find scanalations as the series has not been licensed in America yet.

The final question also pertains to Wiki. I saw that there is a space titled season 2 but no information on it. I'm wondering if I should be holding my breath for a second season.
13th-Mar-2007 12:19 pm - Hello~
Um. Actually, I wanted to ask if anyone are from malaysia who knows where to get this "Wei Xiao Pasta Dian Shi Xie Zhen" or you can have a look here. I really want to know where to get this. Informations about this book are more appreciate~ thank you~
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